In a house near the beach with three dogs and a swing
There once lived a Mama who just loved to sing!

She sang with her husband, they sang with their kids
And music enriched everything that they did

Their children were soon to be out on their own
What would she do when her children were grown?

It started with Twinkle and some ABC's.
Some nursery schools and the town libraries.

With a voice, a guitar, and those small happy faces
The road began leading to more and more places.

With daycares and birthdays She picked up the pace
Now Mamasteph's singing all over the place!

So thank you my young friends and older ones too.
My gift is my song and these songs are for you!

Stephanie Chase is an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter, entertainer and craftsperson. As Mamasteph she has a vast and loyal audience throughout the South Shore and her performances are very well attended and received. Her three cd's "Simply Mamasteph" ; "There's A Little Light" and "Mamasteph A Family Christmas Album" have sold thousands of copies.

Stephanie is the mother of five grown children and proud grandmother of George, Phin, Lily, Olivia, Hadley, Ashley, Martin, Poppy James and Rosie. She's married to Steve Chase her husband and best friend of 44 years.

What they're saying about Mamasteph:

A rare talent with a lovely voice and a wonderful presence - Mamasteph captures the heart and spirit of childhood with her original songs, puppets and storytelling. A treasure!

Joey VonIderstein
Former Childrens Librarian

Stephanie, Thank you so much for your wonderful performance at the Kingston Library.

Stephanie Legg,Children's Services
Kingston Public Library

When Mamasteph enters the room adults sigh, children smile, and babies bounce. Mamasteph’s generous spirit radiates through the audience creating a joyous and uplifting atmosphere. Monday Morning Music with Mamasteph, at the Paul Pratt Memorial Library, is the best way to start the week."

Sharon Moody, M.ED
Children’s Librarian
Paul Pratt Memorial Library
Cohasset, MA

We're so lucky to have Stephanie Chase on the South Shore. Her generous spirit, original repertoire, and lovely voice make every children's concert a magical experience at the library!

Nancy Perry, Children's Librarian
Norwell Public Library

The Scituate Town Library has been so fortunate to have MamaSteph share her music and stories with countless happy children and adults over the years. Music is such an important component of early literacy skill building and MamaSteph's program is an expert blend of fun and learning. MamaSteph is a delight to work with and always has such a positive energy and spirit. We love MamaSteph!

Ann Lattinville
Head of Children's Services
Scituate Town Library